Riding around in a golf cart is easy, convenient, and fun. Due to this, the fanciful affair has become more popular in recent years, leading to a wider range of activities being conducted in golf carts, many of which are surprisingly illegal.

Take the time to ensure you know which activities to avoid by reviewing the following.


Operating a Golf Cart Drunk

Golf carts, such as Club Cars, Ezgos, and other LSVs are not made to go very fast. This limitation typically means a custom golf cart is safer to drive than an automobile. However, the delightful 4×4 devices can be just as dangerous as a traditional vehicle if the driver is under the influence of alcohol. 

To reduce the odds of an accident occurring, legislators made it illegal for golf cart operators to drink and drive electric golf carts, golf cars, or any other LSVs. If this comes as a surprise to you, rest assured you are not alone. Many golfing enthusiasts enjoy knocking back a few out on the golf course and vicariously assume it is acceptable to do everywhere.

Nevertheless, those who opt to drink and drive while operating a golf cart do indeed run the risk of receiving a DUI.


Letting Little Ones Drive

Owners of cheap golf carts or lifted golf carts may find it adorable to see a grandchild or any other underage person drive their LSV. Unfortunately, this seemingly harmless stunt may incur expensive fines and fees, even if you are riding along in the off road golf cart with them. 

Although that sounds harsh, this type of punishment is light compared to jail time, which may occur if an underaged driver is permitted to operate your golf cart without supervision.


Area Specific Laws

Taking your new golf cart out for a spin should be an exciting, joyous occasion. So, be sure to protect such a wondrous experience by checking your local laws and regulations prior to driving the device. That said, here are the most common requirements.

  • Must insure luxury golf cart
  • To drive at night, all safety gear must be working and attached
  • Drivers need to be at least 21 years of age
  • An LSV sign must be attached while driving on the road
  • Limo golf cart and other various sizes must be street legal to ride on roads
  • Small golf carts, Club Cars, Ezgos, and other LSVs need to be registered
  • Tags must be up-to-date
  • Operator needs to have a current driver’s license


Pending on where you live, there may be little to no low speed vehicle restrictions, such as in Utah. As of date, the state has a law in place that legally treats driving a 4×4 golf cart the same as riding a bicycle. To further elaborate, citizens living in Utah do not have to attain registration, a driver’s license, or be at a certain age to drive a cool golf cart.

Which is a far cry from the regulations implemented in Charleston, South Carolina.

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