Ninebot, a moped manufacturer, is known for selling cheap mopeds. To achieve this status, Ninebot routinely sells new motor scooters for less than $500. Taking this into consideration, many wonder whether the ultra low price is indicative of poor-quality components being used. 

In this article, we explore the aforementioned concern by reviewing the latest Ninebot mopeds.


Ninebot A30C


At the end of March 2021, Ninebot released an electric moped known as the A30C. This small motor scooter is capable of traveling under 25 miles per charge, and a max speed of 15 mph. 


Once the energy stored in the 12Ah lithium-ion battery depletes, riders can choose to use the attached pedal gear system. However, many consumers have reported this addition is merely for show since the option barely produces enough power to keep the 119 lbs moped in motion. 


That said, for only $350 it is rather surprising the A30C comes with front and back suspension, as well as these high-tech features.


  • Regenerative braking
  • Keyless locks and engine
  • Electronic, shareable key
  • Telemetrics via the cloud and smart phone app


Now that we have looked at the least expensive Ninebot, let’s check out some of the more expensive Ninebot models.


Ninebot Mopeds Under $1,100


A few days after the A30C launch, Ninebot announced the N-series. This collection is comprised of three powerful moped models dubbed the N70C, N90, and N100. Each model has a unique energy capsule and motor, as well as a price that matches the aforementioned specs. More details listed hereafter.




Comprised of a 60V lead acid battery and 1,500 rear hub motor, this $458 scooter with a seat geats a top speed of 24 mph.




Featuring a 21Ah lithium-ion battery and 1,800W motor, the N90 is available for $1,000.




For $70 more, motor scooter fans can procure a moped with a 2,200W motor and 24Ah lithium-ion battery capable of covering 65 miles per charge at a top speed of 29 mph.


In addition, all of the N-series models have the same features as the A30C, plus the following.


  • LED lights
  • GPS location service
  • Storage compartment in seat


Although the A30C and N-series mopeds have a lot to offer commuters, there are quite a few downsides. First, the website does not mention how much shipping and handling is. Due to this, the final price may be significantly more given the weight of the vehicle.


Second, and perhaps most importantly, Ninebot tends to delay worldwide shipping until the initial domestic orders are delivered. This business decision is typically done to ensure revenue is flowing in as the moped manufacturer updates the models to meet the various motor scooter requirements of other countries. 


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