Each year, motorcycle manufacturers develop new and improved sports bikes that are equipped with the latest advancement in safety features. Judging by this annual tradition, most motorcycle fans would understandably think the rate of motorcycle accidents is steadily declining. 


In this article, we cover whether or not this common belief is true.


Finding Used Motorcycles Near Me


After searching online for “cheap used motorcycles near me”, sports bike enthusiasts can buy an inexpensive two-wheeled machine. This type of transaction is super exciting, but comes with an unforeseen catch. Inexperienced drivers have a tendency to wreck, which can be fatal.


Fortunately, most sports bike accidents can be avoided by taking driving courses prior to operating the motorcycle in question. That said, being inexperienced does not always mean a motorcyclist is going to wreck, nor does the phenomenon account for how many sports bike accidents happen each year.


Operating Cheap Sports Bikes


Statistically, seasoned motorcyclists are more likely to have an accident than new drivers. This occurrence is largely due to overconfidence in driving ability, however, there are other reasons. For example, there is a correlation between the number of annual motorcycle accidents and the amount of new motorcyclists added during that same year.


Nevertheless, the sports bike statistics generated over the last three years suggest another culprit is contributing to the rise in accidents. To get to the heart of the possible safety related suspects, let’s review the number of motorcycle accidents that have occurred since 2018.



Bear in mind, the 2020 motorcycle data is incomplete due to recording issues related to the pandemic. But even though the 2020 statistic is estimated, the rate of fatal motorcycle accidents for the same duration of time is not. See below for details.


  • 2018: 5,038
  • 2019: 5,014
  • 2020: 7,900 
  • 2021: 8,730 within the first three months


Clearly, before the pandemic the number of fatal motorcycle accidents was decreasing. So what does this information tell us?


Putting Safety First


Based on the information outlined above, it appears motorcycle manufacturers were starting to reduce the amount of sports bike related fatalities. However, the amount of sports bike crashes continued to increase. Therefore, motorcycle accidents are not decreasing. 


But as we mentioned above, the estimated annual bump in motorcycle wrecks can be attributed to the increase in new motorcyclists. Taking this into consideration, seasoned motorcyclists and motorcycle fans may be wondering if there is a way to reduce the number of annual sports bike wrecks that result in a fatality. 


If this sounds familiar or ideal, consider implementing the following safety tips.


  • Wear a helmet even if it is not legally required
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Encourage others to drive sober
  • Stay vigilant out on the road


For more information on how to decrease motorcycle accidents and related fatalities, go here.


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