Motorcycles are known to be two-wheeled powersports machines capable of achieving breathtaking speeds. Nevertheless, this traditional association may become an archaic idea thanks to innovative inventions, such as the flying motorcycle from Jetpack Aviation. Find out more about the novel sports bike down below.


Jetpack Aviation Recreational Speeder™


Based in California, Jetpack Aviation manufactures vertical take-off and landing, or VTOL, aircraft. Their latest creation is the Speeder™. These turbine powered VTOLs are self-stabilizing powersports machines capable of going over 150 mph.


But despite all that horsepower, speed caps and other restrictions are being implemented.


See, the FAA, or Federal Aviation Association, requires all aircraft to meet certain regulations before utilizing the airspace over the United States. In light of this information, Jetpack Aviation developed multiple versions of the Speeder™. For example, the commercially available Recreational Speeder™ is to be sold in two different models. The Ultralight Version, or UVS, and the Experimental Version, or EVS. 


Noteworthy differences are outlined below.


  • UVS: does not require a pilot’s license to operate, speed cap is 60 mph, and fuel is restricted to 5 gallons
  • EVS: requires a private pilot’s license, and does not have any fuel or speed restrictions


It is important to note that beyond the aforementioned variations the Recreational Speeder™ models are essentially the same flying motorcycle. To elaborate, here is a quick overview of the traits they have in common.


  • Can go straight up to a height of 15,000 ft
  • Speeder™ training is to be provided by Jetpack Aviation or an authorized training center
  • Flying motorcycle weighs 231 lbs
  • Runs on kerosene or diesel
  • Max capacity of 600 lbs
  • Able to safely land on most surfaces
  • 12-inch screen for navigation
  • Available by 2023


Given the somewhat far off launch date, it should come as no surprise Jetpack Aviation is still taking pre-orders for the Recreational Speeder™. Motorcycle fans hoping to procure one of the first flying sports bikes ever produced can anticipate paying about $380,000.


Saving Lives With Flying Motorcycles


Once the 2023 launch date has passed, Jetpack Aviation aims to produce non-commercial versions of the Speeder™. These industrial models are to be enhanced to aptly suit the needs of military personnel, first responders, and public safety organizers. 


A few target traits mentioned on the Jetpack Aviation website are listed below.


  • Increase max capacity to house equipment or wounded passengers
  • Extend range
  • Capable of being operated autonomously
  • Impact detection
  • Collision avoidance


Unfortunately, pricing and other details are not available for this high-tech Speeder™ variation.


Cheap Motorcycles For Sale


Since Jetpack Aviation VTOLs lack wheels the powersports machines are technically not motorcycles. Taking this into consideration, one could argue flying motorcycles do not exist, and then fortify the claim by highlighting the fact that we do not refer to jet skis as waterproof sports bikes or swimming motorcycles. 


Nevertheless, the flying powersports machines from Jetpack Aviation are scheduled to take commercial flight in the not too distant future. 


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