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Are Electric Bikes Worth Investing In? - Bintelli Powersports

Are Electric Bikes Worth Investing In?

Cycling is a beloved pastime, and many cyclists are more than happy to gush about the hobby. But despite this overwhelming positivity, not everyone is keen on the idea of riding a bicycle, let alone using an ebike on the daily commute. As a result, e biking is quickly becoming a missed opportunity in some areas. 


To find out why, read on as we explore whether ebikes are worth investing in.


Cheaper Than Buying a New Car


Fuel guzzling automobiles are a major source of income loss. Nevertheless, citizens in the United States of America keep using the old motorized device because buying a new or used car is simply not feasible. 


Those that find the aforementioned dilemma familiar may want to consider selling their old automobile and using the funds to buy a cheap electric bike. These versatile powersports machines can be used to complete a wide range of common activities, such as delivering cargo and transporting children to daycare.


Less Expensive to Maintain


Another perk electric bicycles have over traditional automobiles is maintenance-related. To elaborate, most e bike maintenance can be achieved at home, in under 30 minutes, for less than $50 a year. On the other hand, automobile maintenance usually needs to be done by a mechanic, takes a while to complete, and annual fees can easily exceed $1,500.


Ebikes Are Fuel Efficient


Compared to automobiles, electric bikes usually use less energy than cars when going uphill, and the motorized devices can consistently cover at least 40 miles per charge. Add in the fact that these eco-friendly powersports machines can be used long after the battery is dead and it becomes pretty clear ebikes are fuel efficient.


Low Fuel Expenses


A supreme fuel-efficiency rating only matters if the motorized device in question is powered by an inexpensive resource. Therefore, budding e bike fans may be delighted to know the price to fully recharge an electric bicycle at the current rate of $0.10 per kWh is roughly 7 cents.


Use Cheap E Bikes to Exercise


Although it is a bit counter-intuitive, cyclists that utilize electric bikes are technically exercising. This discovery was revealed when researchers at Brigham Young University recorded the heart rates of e bikers and non-ebikers as they rode on a 6-mile track. The former group achieved an average heart rate that was about 94% of those generated by the non-ebikers. This physical reaction and other exercise related indicators led researchers to conclude e biking is exercising.


Are Electric Bikes Worth Investing In?


E bikes are a cheap, eco-friendly way to travel both off-road, and on. Furthermore, these nifty powersports machines can be used to achieve the following.


  • Fluidly integrate exercise into a daily routine
  • Eliminate dependency on gasoline
  • Reduce monthly fuel and maintenance expenses


And as an added bonus, electric bicycles are available in a wide range of styles to suit the needs of cyclists across the nation. Taking this into consideration, it is easy to see why electric bicycles are worth investing in.


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